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Operating in the constantly changing, developing and competitive market of mobile entertainment, Foxmedia, created by professionals of the mobile value added services and the multimedia, positions itself as a global player, delivering a high level of service to all its customers whether they are Telco, master aggregators, media or content providers.

On one hand, Fox Media aims to really create a unique relationship with the content providers, by handling the marketing of their products throughout a wide network of digital platforms all over the world. On the other hand, Fox Media has developped strong partnerships with many major aggregators and Telco in all the countries where we it is present, building a "win-win" business model.

That unique relationship assures to Fox Media the access to a worldwide distribution network, and the guarantee of attractive royalties for both parts : the content provider and the carrier.



Foxmedia is your real 360º partner. We compliment this high-performance portfolio with associated business services, including m-sites, video on demand, streaming services, applications, business strategies, design and marketing.


The most specialised glamour, erotic and mainstream catalogue in the world for any screen size. Multi-award winning, packed with exclusive features you won’t find anywhere else and continually out-performing the competition financially. A wide range of commercial models available to suit every budget.

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Marketing strategy is as important as the structure and retailing of your services to ensure a sustainable profit margin.

The mobile adult market is already a highly competitive space and with traditional CPC campaigns quite often not showing the margins most would like, what other ways are there to attract new targeted adult customers?

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We are putting our knowledge and experience at your disposal!

Mobile internet is multifaceted: mobiles phones, tablets, mini pcs, game consoles are all connected to the web.

A website and its contents must now be optimized for the plethora of devices.

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Your strategy for creating and developing your service is the key to whether your service is successful or not!

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Foxmedia’s team of expert developers will turn your “appspirations”  into a reality for all major platforms

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If you’re looking for some targeted seasonal content, or exclusive material to stand out from you competitors, we have THE solution that meets your needs.

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